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Make Smart Decisions with Data Intelligence

Dataxet provides the sentiment analysis and insights in immediately usable formats to power your decisions.

Your organization’s data lives both internally and externally. And Dataxet’s platform and tools parse, enrich, analyze, monitor, and provide insights for all of that data.

Dataxet Mosaic of Services

Multidisciplinary Solutions

We solve data problems for your communications team, your corporate board, your security team, and your marketing gurus.

Multiple Datasets

We handle it all: Social Media, Darkweb, Online News, E-commerce Data, Print Media, Broadcast Media, and Internal Data Documents.

Experienced Team

With operational experience in more than 10 Asian economies, you gain Dataxet's deep understanding of Asia's data nuances.

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Are you ready to make sense of your data?

We can help you decipher and uncover the important messages your communications, security, and executive teams need to understand. We monitor the media so you can make critical decisions.

Contact us to coordinate a decisive plan.

Are you ready to make sense of your data?